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Trunk LED Bulb - Bright - Crisp White - Error Free Fits: MKVII 2015+ Volkswagen GTI / Golf


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4pc tool kit

product details

***********This fits all MK7 Volkswagen GTI/Golf/Golf-R/GSW including 2015/2016/2017!***********

**Please note - the Golf Sportwagen and ALLTRACK requires a new special Stage III model and the only model that will work in the GSW/Alltrack along with the Complete housing**

The MKVII GTI Trunk LED Bulb is perfect for lighting up your trunk with a crisp white light, these will match your OEM LEDs perfectly.

-Plug & Play
-Error Free
-Lifetime Warranty

You can purchase 3 different Stage bulbs
-Stage I - Bright
-Stage II - Brighter
-Stage III - Brightest of the bulbs
-Stage III - made for the GSW/ALLTRACK
-Stage IV is a Complete LED Housing - Replaces your entire housing with the brightest LED on the market.

Each stage will have ~25-150 more lumen output using different LED technology. Having 3 different bulbs allow you to stay within your modding budget and pick the bulb that is right for you!

1 LED in either Stage I, II, III, or Stage IV Trunk Housing

There is also a brighter LED Trunk Strip Available: Trunk Strip LED Option

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